Will Vegan Activist Gary Yourofsky Take the #VeganCancer Challenge For The Voiceless Earthlings Again?

Gary Yourofsky is an activist, a man who was jailed for releasing animals in captivity, the man who turned large portions of Israel vegan, and a man who spent his youth rapping against racism under the name G SPOT. He’s given over 2,600 lectures on veganism and animal rights, he’s got his own YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers, and his Best Speech You Will Ever Hear got over 2.8 million hits online.

For what it’s worth, he’s one of, if not the most prominent voice in “militant veganism”, aggressively ensuring that people understand the vegan message by explaining that it isn’t about food choices – it’s about the animals. And the animals are being treated not just unfairly – they’ve been enslaved in the most brutish ways for as long as man has domesticated animals.


As such, we hope he’ll understand what the #VeganCancer movement is trying to do – that is, become a platform for creating and funding projects specifically designed to help and save animals and the disadvantaged. Our projects, once they’re funded, will be designed to ensure several things:

Sustainability. These would be projects for the construction of the future – which means no energy exploitation, land exploitation, or life exploitation. All buildings and communities will be self-sufficient, off-the-grid, both in terms of food production and energy production, without extensively harming or destroying the local ecosystem.

Cruelty-free living. All projects would focus on the rescue and habilitation of animals “livestock or otherwise” alongside humans. That means that no animal production can take place within these projects, and there will be no usage or creation of animal products. These same rules apply to humans, as well – the projects are to be developed for people of all genders, races, ages and cultures, so long as the policy of egalitarian treatment and freedom for all Earthlings is observed.

Freedom of information and education. Knowledge and information is shared and paid forward, so that people with skills others do not have can help interested people learn and better themselves – no need for formal systems of teaching, just mentorship, tutoring and access to modern information through the Internet.

More specifically, funds could be used to buy up and build an old farm or ranch for the creation of an animal sanctuary, for local livestock and abused pets.

Our movement already has a basic system set in place – but to truly promote that system and get the ball rolling on producing the kind of change the world needs, we’ve launched the #VeganCancer Challenge. Our only question is: will Mr. Yourofsky take it?

The steps of the challenge are as follows:

Hug a tree, and film yourself or take a picture while doing so, then upload and share the image on your social network profiles.

Challenge at least three of your friends to do the same, in the name of winning back the Earth and creating a cruelty-free world.

Optionally, become a patron of a virtual piece of land, and donate US$25 for the development of sustainable oases and projects all over the world.

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/article/5352/2016/02/04/Will-Vegan-Activist-Gary-Yourofsky-Take-the-VeganCancer-Challenge-For-The-Voiceless-Earthlings-Again#sthash.tE51IgLa.dpuf