Missy Jubilee Announces Steps Away From the Expected With -Mutant Santa- Short Film 057 in the Future Sex Love Art Projekt

Director, writer and actress Missy Jubilee has been a visionary when it comes to presenting a new kind of adult film, with less emphasis on smut and a very real drive to tackle serious topics with a brutal honesty. 57 films in and Missy changes the game again with Mutant Santa a Christmas card to her father, cut up style, with no nudity in sight.

Christmas is certainly a time that tends to pull up old memories and not just good ones, despite how much the holiday marketing may try to convince people otherwise.  “Make Art Not Porn” mastermind Missy Jubilee isn’t any different.  In her past work, she’s explored her relationship with her father and how some of the things he’s done set off chains of events that took her to place she is today.  Now in the Future Sex Love Art Projekt’s  57th film, “Mutant Santa”, Missy reflects even further on her father in the form of a video Christmas card, consisting of a cut up and mixed back together collage of 57 films in an allegory about why Santa has quit his job in 2015 and skipped Missy’s place all together.  Missy Jubilee as Mutant Santa.  Missy’s father as Jesus.  And not a single scene of a nude Missy, a first for the series.

“Christmas can be the cause of all sorts of feelings good and bad,”  commented the artist on her latest film.  “’Mutant Santa’ means a lot to me and I think shows a side of my feelings towards my father that I haven’t touched on before.  I think many of the people who follow our project can related.”

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