Local Painting Company Tries to Make a Difference in Flint Michigan

In the wake of a devastating water crisis in Flint, Michigan, thousands of residents have experienced a range of adverse health effects. A statement published in The Flint Journal from Gov. Rick Snyder and a pair of Health and Human Services Department officials has highlighted possible connection between the water crisis and the presence of Legionella bacteria in the Flint area. That presence of bacteria has potentially caused the death of 10 people and affected another 77.


In response to this water crisis, and the greater attention being paid to water quality in places like Sebring, Ohio, and as close to home as Bloomington, Indiana, Elite Pro Painting in Avon, Indiana will be collecting donations of as much clean water as possible to help support Flint residents. Whether by bottle, by gallon or by jug, Elite Pro Painting hopes to curb the impact felt in our neighboring state since 2014.

“I cannot imagine being put into the situation that Flint, Michigan parents are currently in,” said Andy Danforth, owner of Elite Pro Painting. “I would be scared, sad, and angry. As a parent, I would want help.”

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