Innovative Adult Filmmaker and Artist Missy Jubilee Announces the Release of -Cockd- Her Latest Short Film Exploring Male Sexuality

Missy Jubilee continues breaking new ground making adult films that are both art and erotic, thought provoking and just plain fun. “Cockd”, her most recent release, intimately exploring men and their manhood powered by incredible cut-up visuals and a high energy, dance now or ask questions later soundtrack.

Missy Jubilee‘s Future Sex Love Art Projekt has turned it’s attention towards men and not a moment too soon.  “Cockd” is the latest short film recently released by the breakthrough adult filmmaker, artist and writer and not only are the production standards another leap forward from her, but the subject, men and what makes them men, is more compelling than ever.  If a person needed proof this smarter, cooler and more interesting than their dad’s tired old porn, look no further than “Cockd”.

“Cockd is loaded and ready to burst,”  commented Missy about her latest work.  “This is a topic, as a woman, that means a lot to me, asking bug questions like, ‘How do men think of themselves, and how do I think of men?’, and working out how this expresses itself in life and in art.  Cockd is special, and I think people who are into my films are going to find it eye opening to explore along with me.”

As always, Missy’s filmmaking and soundtrack both stun in their ability to mix images with ideas, and create rushes of emotion along with the beat and flashes of eroticism.  If anything “Cockd” is showing a progression from her very early works, with Missy’s technical ability catching up to her always powerful vision and spirit and pointing towards even more special things from the filmmaker in the future.

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