iGuerilla: The book that provides the latest information on ISIS and Terrorism Worldwide , Now Available Worldwide

The book that provides the latest update on the Jihadist Islamic State has just been released as a digital work on January 17, 2016 by History Publishing Company.  The hardcover version was released in May 2015 also by History Publishing Company and was virtually a primer on the origin of the Jihadist movement, the weaknesses that frequently pushes the jihadists into dormancy and how those weaknesses can be used against them. The author is John Sutherland a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army with Airborne, Ranger and Pathfinder credentials and served two combat tours in Iraq. He currently serves as an Operational Analyst in the Department of Defense.



The author knows the Islamists well. The modern terrorist he calls iGuerilla is more than a man with a sword or a gun. Internet exploitation gives him access to previously unattainable technology and connections to the disaffected and asocial.  His religious motives are non-negotiable and his license to kill is sanctioned by Allah  His pitiless mind is uncluttered by modern sensibilities. He is a barbarous medieval throwback and yet is a tech savvy denizen of the modern world.

History Publishing Company is proud to bring to public attention John Sutherland’s excellent analysis of the psychology of the  iGuerilla and the current state of ISIS in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a time in national affairs when every effort must be made to understand our enemies, ”said Publisher Don Bracken. “John Sutherland brings remarkable insight into the perspective of those who would return society to a dark age.”

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