Colorless – Animated Interactive Storybook Adventure

Colorless is a multi-dimensional story where choices and actions shape the story like never before.

In order to raise funds for the development and production behind their unique idea, the team behind Colorless have launched a Kickstarter campaign that gives potential backers the ability to take part in the project like never before!

Combining the concepts of reading, gaming and film into one, Colorless aims to give the player actual choice behind the development of the story! Backers can find themselves in the story, get one of their crazy ideas placed into the story, or have an entire interactive project designed for them!

Colorless is a story about dealing with loss through the eyes of a little girl called Annie. The player takes on the role of Annie and is swooped into the complexities of Annie’s internalized conflicts.

The player will find a unique world full of interesting characters, unique plot developments and interactivity: within the guise of a narrated story.

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