Online Marketing Expert Huey Lee Achieves Number 1 on Amazon Bestseller List

Online Marketing Expert Huey Lee Achieves Number 1 on Amazon Bestseller List. His new book, Customer Finding, teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract qualified website traffic.

Customer Finding – Online Lead Generation Techniques and Strategies by Huey Lee became the number-one Amazon Bestseller in Online Advertising on January 6, 2016. The just released book is a comprehensive guide that shows online entrepreneurs how to successfully attract highly qualified website traffic and convert them into more customers.

Lee, an authority in online marketing and lead generation, has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses increase the profitability of their sales and marketing funnels for years, and he shares his expertise by outlining the precise steps necessary to build a lead and sales funnel that automatically builds authority, establishes credibility, and creates trust and rapport with prospects.

“A lead and sales funnel is a very crucial element in your marketing, allowing you to build a relationship from the moment a prospect enters your world,” says Lee. “Do this right and sales come easy!”

Any entrepreneur with a spare hour and a desire to grow their business will find an excellent read in Customer Finding. Topics covered include developing a customer avatar, finding out where potential prospects hang out online, the “Four Pillars of Respect” and how to use a marketing funnel to grow a business.

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