My Dog, Shea’s Surgery

I am seeking to raise funds for my dog’s surgery. Her name is Shea and I am unable to fund her medical bills at this time. She needs the surgery done urgently to remove two egg sized stones in her bladder.

Shea is a 6 year old Beagle/Shepherd mix who we just found out needs a lifesaving surgery to remove 2 egg sized blockages in her bladder (see photo of x-ray).These egg sized blockages has been causing her a lot of pain and making her uneasy.

We need to get them removed through surgery so she can return to being her normal, happy and cute self. She needs the surgery done within a month or two to save her life. Shea is the cuddliest dog in the world and has been through a lot in her 6 years of life, when Shea was 1 we had a house fire and she was scarred by the incident.

I would normally pay for this as would my family but we cannot afford the bills as we speak. This surgery is really urgent and needs your attention. Please help save Shea by donating and sharing this campaign so it goes viral. The dog means so much to me and the family.

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