ESFS Builds Up New CAD Service in Texas

ESFS, a site that allows homeowners to source local contractors for building, renovation and home maintenance work, has just announced the expansion of its CAD (Computer Aided Design) contractor service to Texas residents.

Using ESFS’s streamlined form interface, visitors to the site can enter details such as project scope, stage and permits required. This data is then passed on to local CAD contractors, who can submit competitive bids for the user’s project, all of which are free and no-obligation.

CAD contractors are the first step in making a blueprint for a house, garden landscaping, outdoor structures or site planning for an entire plot. The plans required by architects and contractors must adhere to standards, local building codes and specifications that it may not be possible for a layman to meet.

A homeowner can choose to go through their builder to find a draftsperson, but sourcing a separate CAD contractor can save money, and adds an objective eye to the plans. It also allows the homeowner more control; by having the final drawings themselves they are able to produce them for each party without fear of losing them or having older versions circulated.

Using ESFS’s expanded service, CAD files can be transferred from the draftsperson to the architect or builder and back again to make modifications without taking up the time of mailing a hard copy drawing. It is important to choose a CAD drafter who works with common industry-compatible file types for this reason, ideally using recent software packages.

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