VANCOUVER, CANADA — Imagine that same experience, except this time it’s your own personal memories or artistic vision that’s playing in 3D on your smartphone screen.

Now that Kickstarter supporters have 100% funded the Sly3D project, homemade 3D video is a reality. The device transforms your smartphone into an easy-to-use 3D video camera. Recording 4K ultra high definition 3D video, streaming live 3D video, even 3D Skype and 3D FaceTime video chatting have all become instantly possible with his Sly3D device.


“Regular video lacks depth and is quite boring. I wanted to increase the realism of a recording and make you feel like you were part of that moment again when watching it,” said local entrepreneur and Sly3D inventor Dustin Larsen. “I figured, we all have a mini supercomputer in our pockets, why not create a device to better something we already own?”

Sly3D’s personal, commercial and artistic uses are endless, Larsen said. With it, a child’s first steps, a family reunion, an exotic holiday, even an upcoming wedding can all be easily captured in lifelike 3D using an ordinary smartphone. Commercial enterprises can use it to record compelling video for consumers, such as 3D product demos, 3D interviews, even 3D motorsports. A musician might easily stream a high definition 3D music concert to the world on Youtube or Livestream, just to list a few examples. The potential is there for more — intimate — uses of the technology, too Larsen said.

“Whenever we had Sly3D out in public this past year, people constantly brought up some of the more adult uses for it,” he said. “That always gave me a real good laugh because it’s true, 3D video and 3D photos would definitely spice things up in the bedroom!”.

Sly3D bypasses typical 3D production methods including the need for multiple cameras, dedicated hardware and software, and technical experience.

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