Mance Hardware Announces Availability of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh & Welded Wire Mesh for Industrial Applications

Hong Kong based Mance Hardware Wire Mesh Industrial Co., Limited supplies wire mesh for customers around the world. They now announce about the round-the-year availability of wire mesh for their industrial clients all across the world.
Hong Kong; – Wire mesh and netting products have varied industrial applications, from simple fencing to industrial pipe wrapping. Hong Kong based Mance Hardware manufactures and supplies a great range of wire mesh that are developed using the latest technology and can last longer with the cold galvanization that increases the wire resistance against oxidation and corrosion. The company now announces the availability of their wire mesh and netting products for customers around the world and assures them delivering the product at any time and in any desired quantity.

The company can supply stainless steel wire mesh with significant corrosion resistance that has many industrial applications. The steel wire mesh exhibits a perfect longevity against cracking, pitting and fatigue and can be used for durable fencing and other applications. With a significant stress corrosion cracking resistance, the wire mesh can withstand stress in a corrosive environment and help avoid accidents and sudden failures. The wire mesh features an optimal tensile strength and toughness for attaining a very high breaking stress. The company now assures of supplying such high quality steel wire mesh to industrial clients all over the world.

Mance Hardware also specializes in the production and supply of welded wire mesh that is made of low-carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized steel wire and PVC coated wire. The mesh features a flat and leveled surface with a sturdy structure. The mesh is produced using space machines with precise dimensional control. They supply the mesh in different shapes and sizes to be used in various industries, such as animal husbandry, agriculture, food procuring, horticulture and others. – See more at: