Rick Parfitt from the Legendary Rock Band Status Quo is Ready to Sell You A Contemporary Luxury Villa in Marbella Spain

MARBELLA, Spain, – What’s on your top priority list for 2016? If finding your dream luxury home in sunny Marbella is one of them, then you might be able to get “star” treatment from a very unlikely real estate agent source.

Vetern rocker Rick Parfitt from the rock band Status Quo is helping British expats find their dream homes in and around Marbella, Spain. Recently, Parfitt is once again making headlines for his exciting new venture in real estate. The Daily Mail reports;

“The guitarist’s new venture not only carries the name of the band he fronts with Francis Rossi but also uses the lyrics of one of its best-known songs to advertise for business with the slogan: ‘Whatever You Want, Whatever You Need.’ Callers are treated to a version of ‘Whatever You Want’ when they ring in and if they are put on hold.”


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Parfitt, having moved to Spain over 10 years ago, originally intended on opening a new car show room; however, things changed after meeting Julian Hall, the real estate expert who helped both Rick and his wife Lindsay find a new holiday home on the Costa del Sol.

“We met Julian when we were looking for a second place in Marbella to add to the house we’ve got in the countryside.” – Rick Parfitt

Hall wanted to start up his own real estate agency in Marbella, and Parfitt gave him the push he needed.

“He (Hall) wanted to start his own business up and I said: ‘Why don’t you do that then?’ and I’ll put the dosh in because you have the know-how.” – Parfitt

So far the business is booming, not only thanks to Parfitt’s namesake, but also because the property market in Marbella, Costa del Sol is making a major comeback. Property analysts are already claiming full market recovery in real estate. Predictions of economic growth and stability in Spain, particularly the South of Spain, are quickly coming to pass.

“It’s going very well. It’s a very interesting business because for me it’s something that’s totally different. ‘It’s a very good business to be in because of the number of properties for sale down here.” – Rick Parfitt

50 percent of Status Homes client base comes from British expats, while other property buyers comes from around the rest of the world including Saudi Arabia.

“It’s really more than just a property investment many are looking for. The Costa del Sol is the perfect place for retirement and even owning a second holiday home. With current prices the way they are, I can’t stress enough that now is the time to buy. Prices are now on the rise and have been in many areas since 2013” – Julian Hall

Both Parfitt and Hall are not only dedicated to helping expats find their perfect dream homes, but also helping them through the buying process in Spain.

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