Find Special Deals on 2016 Nature Tours

Ecotourism is the hot new trend in the travel industry. If you, your family, and your friends enjoy nature tours, you will like them even better at a discounted rate.
There’s a new and free online directory for travelers to search for eco tour companies by country destination, and the site also has a weekly updated section for Special Deals.  Book now and save on selected nature tours for 2016! launched in May 2015 and is based in the state of Florida, USA.  Links to more than 135 eco tour companies are easily accessed by using the Search pull-down menus and selecting a country destination such as Ecuador, Italy, or Thailand.  EcoTourLinQ includes countries ranging from Australia to Zambia.  The site also features a weekly updated Blog section and Ecotourism News.

“The purpose of is to provide useful information on ecotourism, also known as responsible or sustainable travel, and to make the search process quick and easy for travelers who are looking for this kind of experience,” says Deborah Regen, founder of the site.  “When I searched online for nature tours, I was surprised to find very few resources available.  The information is out there, but it is highly scattered.  So I decided to create a directory where the information is in one place.”

“This is a much better solution than asking around for referrals or by using search engines like Google or Yahoo where the results tend to be hit-or-miss.  Sites like TripAdvisor are extremely popular and helpful if you are looking for a ‘jungle lodge’ or a half-day tour somewhere, but they are not as helpful if you want to find companies that offer multi-day or multi-week nature tour packages.” – See more at: