Visionary Artist and Adult Filmmaker Missy Jubilee Announces the Release of -Praise- Film #52 in the Future Sex Love Art Project

It takes courage to not only write about a turning point in one’s sexual development, especially one that has elements of pain and sadness attached to it.

To retell the event on film, in a way that’s bright and compelling in sight and sound, is heart opening in surprising ways.  Missy Jubilee‘s short film #52 “Praise” swims in these emotionally and sexually charged waters.  And it’s calling viewers to join her.

Some people are lucky enough to look back on their sexual awakening as a purely positive event.  For the rest it’s often a combination of things, mixed ideas, emotions and feelings, that lead to different places some dark and some light.  If there’s a person not afraid to open up about these experiences in a raw and honest way, it’s artist, writer and new kind of adult filmmaker  Missy Jubilee.  Her latest short film “Praise” is #52 in her Future Sex Love Art Projekt’s series of a projected 250 films, exploring all aspects of her life and sexual identity.

“Praise” tells the story of a young Missy trying to get help or clarity on the sexual thoughts running through her head at 14 and making the effort to see a professional for guidance.  And the betrayal of him delivering everything she said to her parents who lashed out at her for it.  All this leading Missy to be naked on a sand hill arguing with herself in the worst of ways, and starting a downward spiral of sexual obsession that would go on for years.

“This was a hard  film to make,”  commented Missy about Praise.  “It’s an event that led to me not even really speaking in my home for three years.  I think there’s many people that can relate to what I went through and I hope ‘Praise’ resonates with them.”

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