Lambert Transfer & Storage Wins Quality Award from North American Van Lines

This award is an acknowledgement of the high-quality services that Lambert Transfer offers to Alabama residents.

Lambert Transfer & Storage received the Customer Quality Choice Award from North American Van Lines for their exceptional customer service. This award was based on independent surveys of North American customers. This particular award is given to van line agents for their excellent performance based on customers’ perceptions of services received over the course of their relocation. There is a quality index that is used to quantify the moving company’s overall performance in a number of areas, such as the moving and delivery process as well as sales.

The questions that make up the survey cover specific performance based on the role the agent plays in the moving process, including booking, hauling, and overall. An agent’s origin excellence rating is based on the skills of the salespeople as well as the packing crew.

Hauling performance is based on the company’s professionalism, appearance, and delivery times. The Booking aspect of the rating process focuses primarily on the move coordinator along with the moving process as a whole. The Overall category focuses on the agent’s ability to effectively deliver on all of the performance roles.

There have been a number of recipients for this award, and Lambert Transfer & Storage is officially one of them. This moving company has an extensive history of providing customers with a wide range of top quality moving/relocation services, both locally and internationally. This award was given to the company based on their excellence in a number of areas, contributing to their already extensive credentials. Lambert Transfer & Storage offers excellent relocation services to residents across the state of Alabama in a number of cities.

This moving company is among the highest rated in the country and it has had countless customers over the years since it first began. The Customer Quality Choice Award that Lambert Transfer received has a rigorous selection process that uses a variety of criteria, and there are many different businesses considered for it each year.

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