The Book of Rah – The greatest book you’ve never read

Have you ever read a book that was so mischievous it could have taken your virginity? The Book of Rah is has been considered one of the craziest Kickstarter campaigns ever.

SANTAS WORKSHOP, North Pole – The Book of Rah author Niklas “Ace” Ekman announced today that he quits his job as Union representative at Santa’s Workshop to release his new project. The Book of Rah is a dark comedy collection of stories, quotes that are straight to hell and words of no wisdom.

“This is the greatest book that you’ve never read. It has an extremely dark sense of humor, so if you still got your virginity you’ll definitely lose it reading this book.” Said Ace, self-proclaimed CMA (Chief Motherfu**ing Author) of The Book of Rah.

What to expect from The Book of Rah

Reading is supposed to provide you with an experience, exercising your mind, bringing forth emotions and challenging your perspectives. Good books treat you to that special thrill where you can’t stop turning the pages until you’re suddenly at the end.

“Reading this book is like doing x-pills, naked, in an ocean of milk and cotton candy. It will have you confused, then intrigued, then in shock, then you’ll laugh, then you’ll feel a little dirty, then you might grab a drink, then it’s right back to confused again and then you repeat it for 140 pages. Also, the book is 50% based on true stories and 40% actually true stories, I’ll leave the guessing of what’s what up to you.”

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