Home Battery Reduces Solar Energy Storage Costs 85%

Elecyr replaces thirty 600 amp-hour lead-acid batteries with a single advanced energy storage module

Elecyr Corporation is set to re-energize existing solar battery installations with a new 7.2 kilowatt-hour deep cycle system which emulates traditional lead-acid 8D batteries (VRLA, AGM or wet-cell). By placing battery management and charge controls right inside the battery, the new long-life battery works with existing panels, inverters and chargers as well as new energy storage installations.

This break from convention is made possible through energy-dense lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells which have been enhanced with anodes employing carbon nanotubes grown on a graphene substrate one atom thick. This chemistry and architecture gives Elecyr’s 288 amp-hour 24 volt batteries the same storage capacity as lead-acid batteries with twice the amp-hour rating. When properly maintained with Elecyr’s integrated charge control, the batteries will provide 25 years of daily off-grid solar energy storage.

The Elecyr 8D can be discharged 90% to 95% repeatedly without diminishing the 9000 cycle life. Even premium lead-acid batteries can only cycle about 600 times when discharged to just 50%. One Elecyr 8D does the work of two traditional home batteries for 15 times as long, effectively replacing 30 lead acid batteries over its lifetime.

Where daily deep cycling or partial state of charge (PSoC) is a necessity, such as with off-grid and gridhybrid inverters in solar and wind applications, the Elecyr 8D excels. Most battery management systems (BMS) are sold separately and simply balance all cells to a common voltage. In contrast, the Elecyr 8D boasts an internal BMS that maintains a history of the charge characteristics for each individual cell. This provides extra capacity by tailoring charging behavior to maximize total battery output. Using Elecyr’s cloud-based monitoring or third-party applications, users can remotely monitor the state of charge and marginal cells are reported before a problem occurs.

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