Stocks to Watch: Oxysure (OXYS)

Oxysure (OXYS) is a medical technology company and one of the top five fastest growing companies in Texas. It has been listed as a top stock to watch by MarketWatch.

Frisco, TX — First responder technologies are in growing demand today, in both civilian and military contexts.  Companies like OxySure Systems Inc. (OXYS) are growing steadily to meet this demand.  Their launch product, the OxySure Model 615, provides a unique solution for emergency responders who require medically pure oxygen in high stress, dynamic medical situations.  The platform technology creates medically pure oxygen using dry, inert powders.  This is revolutionary and will increase medical outcomes.  The model requires no compression tanks, dials, or even regulatory maintenance as oxygen equipment would ordinarily.

The product’s simplicity requires no special medical or safety training and is safe and easy-to-use for the layperson. The company size of the products enable them to be placed  anywhere a medical emergency might occur.  The addition of pure oxygen is known to help improve medical outcomes, and thus saving lives by reducing and bridging the gap between a medical emergency and the arrival of first responders on the scene.  This type of emergency equipment will help to save lives, reduce liability, and assist first responders.

Companies that can provide medical solutions, especially those which are safe, portable, and can show immediate “value added” do well even in tremulous markets.  Stock watch companies have put Oxysure (OXYS) on their list of products and companies to watch in the near future.

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