ESFS Announces New Online Building Design Quotes for Minnesota

A total of 30 cities and towns in Minnesota are now served by the online quote service ESFS, which allows users quick and easy access to online price quotes from home renovation contractors in their local area.

“We’ve rolled out increased coverage in Minnesota, providing fast access to multiple companies that serve areas across the state,” said Director Matt Aird. “A single online form allows the user to enter their budget, project scope, property type and timeframe details, and then receive competitive quotes from local contractors and companies. The ESFS system was designed to make the initial extensive legwork, phone calls, and research for suitable quotes a thing of the past.”

The quotes provided by ESFS are all from pre-approved contractors and are obligation-free, and the detailed project information allows accurate and equivalent from each company.

Building design is sometimes considered the exclusive discipline of architects, however, certified building designers are also available for projects that do not require intricate details, especially residential builds. The prospective client should be prepared to consider the qualifications of each potential designer, including whether they have a National Council of Building Designer Certification or are a member of the American Institute of Building Design.

An extensive portfolio is also invaluable when evaluating the perfect designer for a project. A professional whose portfolio style aligns closely with the desired result of the building being contemplated may provide a better result than a more experienced designer with starkly different design principles and aesthetics. The building designer chosen should also be familiar with the relevant building codes and restrictions for the area.

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