Relive The Amazing 90’s Game Scene with Mario Bros-Esque Andale Vini

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The creators of the “Andale Vini” have developed this amazing game in a bid to help people explore Mexico and get to have fun while doing that. Considering the platforms that are easily accessible these days, the developers have made it available on the App Store and Google Play so that the people can enjoy it on their smartphones on the go.

The game features a character Vini who is more of like an ambassador of the country Mexico, and it is with him that you move forward in the story line of the game. The objective is to collect the maps of all the states of Mexico all during building the country that everyone wants.

The game has been inspired by the article of Brazilian journalist Vinicius Covas, titled “100 Insights about Mexico” in which he explained as he found Mexico during his travels. The game basically serves more of an educational purpose and could be used to teach children more about the country. What makes the game interesting is the pace of the game that increases as the game progresses.

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