Traveling Well: Selecting Quality Luggage by ProGear Luggage

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the Colosseum in Rome, skiing down the slopes of the Swiss Alps or maybe a relaxing riverboat cruise down the Mekong River?  These are all great destinations that many of us will only dream about visiting, but for those lucky enough to travel, you quickly learn that the destination is only part of the adventure.  Getting to and from is the other part.


We have all heard or even experienced first-hand how our luggage runs a hard obstacle course from the time we check-in at the airport until we reclaim it at our destination; slung by time-pressed baggage handlers onto carts and trolleys with some of the hardest hits coming when it slides down the chute into the luggage carousel. So choosing well-made durable luggage, especially if you travel a lot, is important to ensure all your possessions are transported safely, securely and without damage to your contents.

Pelican known for designing high quality cases has designed the ProGearTm Elite Luggage. This line of luggage offers durability, mobility and security which are all features you will want to consider when making the decision on your next luggage purchase.

How durable should luggage be?Your luggage needs to be able to withstand extreme tossing, fumbling and dropping from even the clumsiest of baggage handlers.  While durability is important, you still want a case with stylish design and that is exactly what the ProGear Elite luggage offers you.  Made of molded high impact polymer material, these cases are able to withstand extreme weight loads eliminating the issue of your luggage being crushed or damaged during transit.

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