Upacke Bento Box- Now 40% Discount on Amazon


Upacke bento box are FDA certified, BPA Free, Food Grade Bento Box Set. It Contains No Phthalates or Toxic Additives. The Upacke lunch box set is safe for Food Storage.

The company is pleased to announce a one-day sale at a huge discount of 40% off the retail price. This limited discount offer is subject to product availability. Customers are adviced to rush to Amazon marketplace via the website below to get a set while supplies lasts.

Here is the Amazon link: www.amazon.com/Upacke-3-compartment-Microwave-Commercial-Container/dp/B0118FRA1W/

When contacted the sale director has this to say: “The Upacke bento lunch box¬† are Quality Lunch Tray good for Cafeteria, Family or Group Events. They are specially Packaged in a Beautiful Box to Protect From Shipping/Handling Breakages and Contaminants. It is in response to huge demand for the product that we decided to make the product available on Amazon marketplace. Currently, the 40% off retail price is a one-day sales promotion to announce our presence on Amazon marketplace. We Are 100% Committed to Food Safety!”-Evans Anderson

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/6670/2015/11/08/Upacke-Bento-Box-Now-40-Discount-on-Amazon#sthash.AIteD7Se.dpuf