Expert Cites Error in Report That Leaves Utility Knives off a List of DIY Tools


When a Miami news station filed a recent report on tools you should have, the crew left one vital tool off the list, says an expert in home repair and DIY topics. While the reporter listed such common tools as a hammer, a box of nails and a tape measure, the expert said, she failed to mention one of the most useful tools for any DIY toolbox – the humble utility knife.

On October 9, WSVN TV News ran a segment listing tools that every homeowner or renter should own in order to accomplish simple DIY repairs around the home. While the report included a “tool” that is neither a tool nor an item that fits into a toolbox – a ladder – it failed to mention a tool that’s recommended by nearly every DIY expert alive – the utility knife. This was a huge oversight, says a local DIY home repair expert.

“Utility knives are among the most useful tools for any DIY home repair project,” the expert said. “Whether you’re hanging wallpaper or trying to unstick a stuck window, a utility knife is going to come in handy.”

“Utility knives are often overlooked as a home repair tool,” he continued, “in part because they’re so ubiquitous.” He says that they’re so commonly used for so many different jobs that it’s easy to assume people just have one around the house. In fact, it’s important for homeowners to actually be intentional in buying a good utility knife that’s especially suited for doing DIY and home repair projects.

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