Immigation Services Announces Their Much Anticipated New Fee Schedule

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Immigration Services LLC has today made public new, as yet unreleased facts about the company’s new fee structure. Their immigration services products help undocumented workers get work permits, social security numbers and green cards. Consumers looking for assistance in filing their USCIS applications at an affordable price will find using the company’s services attractive due to the company’s new cost saving techniques.

Creating Immigration Services came about because of the high prices local immigration attorneys charge their clients for filing relatively simple applications. Prices average between $2,000 and $12,000 to prepare cases for undocumented workers and their families. To reduce the cost of services to the illegal alien population, the marketing staff of Immigration Services asked their development team to create software that would drastically reduce the cost and time for processing immigration cases.

The company’s custom software solution had been in development for fifteen months. The development team was made up of five people, which is considered somewhat small by industry standards. It just goes to show that great things can be accomplished by a relatively small team that has a real passion for getting something worthwhile accomplished.

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