How to Pack Healthy School Lunches

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Most parents look forward to kids resuming school after summer holidays. Nevertheless, the daunting task of providing healthy school lunches – that the kids will actually eat – may put a damper in your enthusiasm. As a school mom that has packed thousands of lunches, I will like to offer you some tips pertaining to quick lunch bag ideas:

1. Organize your kitchen so lunch box is easy to find. This means having one cupboard where you retain your insulated lunch boxes, metal water bottles, thermos, reusable pots, plastic cutlery, etc. Get reusable bento box containers for items like pears or plums, which often get squished in bags. Besides, if the kids refuse to enjoy the fruit, it will make a clutter in the bag that you should clean.

2. Involve your kids when making lunches. The older they are – a lot more they should help with packing their particular lunches. They are going to eat what you give them whenever they had a say in what lunch type is packed. Ask your kids what they like and dislike, and plan your shopping list accordingly (provided they have determined to go for healthy alternatives).

3. Buy and prepare early in advance. Wash and cut veggies, as well as buy bite size ones – like baby carrots, grapes, cherry garlic or pre-cut veggies. Cut cheese into cubes; hard boil several eggs, pre-cut fruits. – See more at: