Emerging Filmmaker Seeks Funds to Promote Film about Bullying

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Have you ever been bullied?  If so, how did it impact you?  Depending on how often and how severe the bullying, the results can range from mild to devastating.  Despite increased media attention in recent years, little change has been implemented that effectively addresses bullying and the impact it has on society. Palmer seeks to promote greater social awareness, which he believes will generate the solutions required to minimize bullying. He believes that, “In order to effect real change, you have to cause people to feel,” often a by-product of narrative film.

Sterling Silver explores the psychological effects that childhood bullying has on the title character, in this film he wrote, produced, and directed. It quickly turns into a dark crime drama that is likely to engage audiences and potentially act as a catalyst for change. Palmer recently graduated college Summa Cum Laude (with high honors) with a BFA in Cinema Production, and Sterling Silver marks his debut feature film.

In order to produce the film, he self-funded a portion, obtained private funding for a portion, and ran a successful crowd funding campaign for the remainder of the funds. As the film nears completion, Palmer seeks finishing funds to cover the remaining post-production expenses. This time, however, he has elected to raise funds through his own website, rather than through a crowd funding platform that charges fees for the use of the platform.

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