How to Protect your Roof this Fall

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A smart homeowner is always thinking ahead when it comes to protecting and maintaining the biggest investments of their home, and protecting your home’s roof is no exception to this rule. Now that the fall season is underway, it is the time to revisit some of the basics of roof protection, which will protect against all the elements potentially facing your Bay Area roof. Take the following five tips for protecting your roof this fall, and make sure to consult with your Bay Area roofing contractor should you have any more questions.

Protect your Bay Area Roofing this Fall Low-Hanging Branches Are ThreatsFirst and foremost, you must address the issue of low-hanging branches from nearby trees as they pose a threat to your Bay Area roof during times of intense winds and storms if they were to break and fall atop your home. Most Bay Area roofing contractors would recommend hiring a professional tree trimmer for this project; however, if your roof isn’t too steep and the trimming job isn’t extensive, it is possible to trim the trees yourself without hiring someone else.

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