BabyNome Releases DNA-Based Nutrition and Well-Being Manual for Children

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BabyNome is a DNA-based nutrition manual for children that offers customized nutritional advice based on a child’s individual genetic makeup.  This nutrigenomics technology is available for children 0 through 8 years old and allows parents to receive a personalized road map to healthy nutrition based on the child’s metabolism.

The program uses computational nutrigenomics technology to analyze a child’s DNA from a saliva sample.  It identifies more than 40 nutrition and metabolism traits and generates personalized recommendations in the form of an instruction manual that can be used to improve the child’s nutrition and address specific needs.

Using 23andMe or for genetic testing, the process is pain-free and easy.  Those who already have a genetic profile for their child can simply submit it for testing and nutritional analysis.  The computational genomics technology has been developed over more than a decade of scientific research and integration of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies worldwide that have identified more than 2,000 genetic variations that impact more than 230 nutritional traits.  The BabyNome Total Nutrition Report addresses 40 of these traits dealing with metabolism and nutrition.  Each child receives a comprehensive 50-page report covering these traits, including vitamin and mineral needs as well as helpful tips on metabolism and diet.

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