– the power of integrated online communication

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adblast is a project of the Warsaw media house Infinity Media. The idea of an interactive platform for coordination of advertising on the Internet, was established two years ago. “Infinity Media, in order to compete with the competition in the fast growing advertising market in Poland, but also abroad, expanding its offer and looking for new solutions. Together with our partners, we decided to develop and implement B2B platform, to lead integrated marketing campaigns. “Explains Magdalena Kaczor, Interactive Media Director at Infinity Media.

adblast concept based on the integration of four channels of Internet communication: display, search, mobile and social. By connecting different computer systems to buying campaigns across all channels of Internet, it created one, easy to use and intuitive interface. “The unquestionable advantage of adblast is functionality. The user manages campaigns in four channels simultaneously, in real time. Thereby user save time to start campaigns across channels and significantly optimizes expenditure advertising on the Internet “adds Magdalena Kaczor.

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