VipIP Has Launched the Service That Helps Drive Traffic to the Website

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The best way to advertise any business on the web and make it popular with the potential customers is to drive traffic to the website. Recently, VipIP has launched the service, which helps solve the problem in a number of effective ways.

VipIP is the web-based service, the main objective of which is to help their clients drive their websites’ traffic, promote the online resources in numerous ratings, increase the amount of promo banner and link clicks, enhance the number of subscribers in the social networks etc. The service employs only experienced and knowledgeable specialists with real IP addresses and valid accounts in social networks, which makes it possible to accomplish tasks of any complexity levels.

The service works with two types of users, namely advertisers and executives. However, one and the same account may belong to the users, who perform both functions at a time. Advertisers are those users, who order the services and pay money to avail them. Executives, in their turn, are the users, who accomplish the tasks provided by the advertisers and are paid for this job. The process is quite simple and looks in the following way: the advertiser orders and customizes the service in the corresponding section, pays for it and then launches the service. Executives accomplish the given tasks using special programs and are paid for their services. Apart from that, they can also receive extra payments for placing likes, social networks subscriptions and the accomplishment of other tasks. The process is completely automated and provided by the step-by-step guidelines.

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