Leading the Charge in Securing Grant Funding for CBOs in New Jersey

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Within the last 12 months, EYES INC has secured $5M for its clients, bringing its lifetime funding achievements to over $48M in federal, state and private foundation funding. EYES INC has built a solid team of professionals who are sages and specialists of industry, bringing collectively over 150 years of experience to the clients we successfully serve.

In 2015, EYES INC researched and designed the BROWNS (Bridging Reentry Opportunities for Workforce Navigation to Success) Project for Essex County College of Newark, New Jersey. With only nine (9) awards up for grabs, the U.S. Department of Education, under its “Improved Reentry Education” program, awarded the college a 3-year grant of $1M in Septemebr 2015. This same month, the Department of Health and Human services awarded another EYES INC client, a New Jersey-based housing facility, a 3-year award under their “BASIC Center” program.

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