Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance (KRC Alliance) – Creation of the A.R.E.O.P. Desk Lead by Mr. Albert Hoff; New Strategy Line and New Opportunities

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The firm’s uninterrupted record of growth and profitability, through up and down business cycles, is rooted in a client-centred approach that values relationships over transactions. In all instances, we strive to understand the unique aspects of the client’s operation and do not hesitate to advise against a transaction if it does not appear to serve the client’s long-term interests.

Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance has made the announcement that it is creating a Special Opportunity Client Fund to cater the Agricultural sector. The new fund will be managed by the A.R.E.O.P. Desk lead by Albert Hoff – Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Business Development Strategies.

The KRC Alliance Special Opportunity Fund focuses on recommending, facilitating and advising on investment opportunities in the Agriculture Sector. – See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/6190/2015/10/27/Koenig-Rowe-Campbell-Alliance-KRC-Alliance-Creation-of-the-AREOP-Desk-Lead-by-Mr-Albert-Hoff-New-Strategy-Line-and-New-Opportunities#sthash.M33GsIeL.dpuf