Most Popular Chinese Immigration Cases

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American Corporate Services, Inc. (ACS) is an established Immigration Law Firm. Our experienced Attorneys are proficient in other languages, including Chinese, Spanish and Russian. We have completed thousands of successful immigration cases for our Clients. Here are some of the most popular Chinese immigration cases that we handle.

The most popular type of Chinese immigration is moving an investor and his entire family to the USA through EB-5 program.

Most of these clients are High-Net-Worth-Individuals, many of whom already have well-established businesses in China. Some investors continue operating their businesses in China while the other parent and their children relocate in the U.S. They are able to travel back and forth between China and U.S. for the several few years while they transition from operating their businesses in China to eventually join their family full-time in the United States. These people realize the excellent investment opportunities in the United States. They may choose to invest in existing U.S. businesses or to establish a new business in the new environment. Either way, their investment gives them a priority status for permanent residency.

Many Chinese students decide to initiate the permanent immigration process through EB-5 after receiving a U.S. education.

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