What the Continuing Resolution Means for EB-5 Investors

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EB-5 is not dead.

Nor is it likely to die soon. The immigration by investment program may take on a new look sometime in the future, but it would be a mistake to contemplate writing its obituary.

The Continuing Resolution passed by Congress prior to the end of the U.S. government’s fiscal year on 30 September 2015 did the same thing for the EB-5 program that it did for multiple other federal programs. It continued the program in its current form. All the programs included in the resolution will continue in their current form, and with their current funding, until at least 11 December 2015.

On or before that date, Congress should pass a permanent resolution to fund the government and its programs. It is possible, however unlikely, that a few of those myriad programs could be reformed by individual legislation as the Congress goes about its business.

Within that larger context, it is possible, however unlikely, that the EB-5 program could be reformed by the passage of specific legislative reform. Given the short amount of time remaining, it is also unlikely that most, if any bills, would have sufficient time to work their way through the cumbersome legislative process.

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