Seven Healthy Ideas For Your Children Lunchbox!

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The next time you pack your child’s lunchbox, take a peek inside. How many different options of foods have you given your little one and what exactly is the ratio of healthy food to unhealthy food? It is so important to include various healthy foods and snacks for ones child to eat whilst there’re at school. But sometimes it can be difficult to think of new ideas for the lunchbox.

So to help, here are 7 healthy methods for your kid’s lunchbox:

1. Keep it healthy – Fill the lunchbox with various healthy foods. Be sure to include plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and try using various different breads such as wraps or perhaps rolls using wholemeal or multigrain loaves of bread. Add protein fillers such as meats or fish including dairy products.

2. Make it fun – place components of fruit in clear zip up bags and write an email or joke to your child around the front. This will make them excited about opening their lunchbox to view what note is left on a daily basis. Cut sandwiches in different shapes (quarters, circles, smiley faces). – See more at: