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RV camping in California is a unique adventure for families due to the variety of beautiful campgrounds and national parks located throughout the state! The generally mild climate and temperatures in the California region are ideal for RV camping and there are campgrounds and RV-friendly locations open during every season, but be sure to double-check with the National Park campgrounds and state parks themselves as to whether or not they are open after Labor Day. When it comes to camping in the month of November specifically, the weather patterns you experience during your RV camping trip will depend on where exactly in California you travel.

Pre-Holiday Treat: RV Camping in CaliforniaA typical November in California will bring a small amount of rainfall, usually more concentrated in the northern half of the state, with an average temperature range of anywhere from 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If however you are planning to travel through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California or any other destination above 3,000 feet, the climate will be considerably colder. Thus, make sure to pack the appropriate items for the climate you are traveling to, such as gloves, hand warmers, layered sleeping bags, umbrellas, thermals, and plenty of fuel for the campfire!

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