Focus on LayerMaster

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For many years, the industry has struggled to cope with pallet loads that require splitting in order to remove excess layers for storage or achieving the acceptable pallet height for manual handling of the load.

TheLayerMasterhas been specifically designed to cope with palletised loads that require splitting for easier handling and storage. Its adaptability allowsthe LayerMaster to lift a third of a 2400mm high pallet at a time, or alternatively just a single layer of boxes. This enables the load to be quickly broken down or built up by clamping single or multiple layers. This ensuresthat products are handled quickly, safely, andwith a minimum use of resources, thus preventing damage to the load.

LayerMaster is unique in the way it clamps on all four sides of the product, which means that only the slightest amount of pressure is required to hold the load. In a situation where a number of different layer weights or product types are required to be handled, a special pressure valve can be supplied to select three or four different pressure settings, which canbe pre-set by B&B’s experienced engineers.

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