Ditch the boring clean-cut look and let your wilder side be free!

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Los Angeles, California  – Luxury, hand-made beard oils soon to flood the bearded streets of Los Angeles.

BlackFlagBeards.com, a provider of top quality premium beard oils will open its website to sales at the start of the November. The company, which started as a way for people with scruffy faces to adapt to the dry weather of Southern California, has been working on bringing you the highest quality beard products on the market. After months of testing and running its unique scents through trial after trial, they are finally confident enough in their product to bring it to market.

Beard oils are designed to replace the oils on your face and beard that are stripped away when you wash. Many also claim to be able to make your hair healthier and grow faster, but not all can backup that claim. “I needed a product that worked for me”, says owner and CEO of Black Flag Beards, Jb Jaura. “After moving to Los Angeles from my home state of Louisiana, my skin got dry and flaky, my hair got brittle, and I needed relief.”

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