REO Capital Enters Legal Action against Nazca Global Ltd

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Nazca Global ltd – Nazca Global LLC has breached the REO Capital Contract – Legal Proceedings are pending!

A Breach of Contract Lawsuit will be filed in District Court, Oakland County Michigan by REO Capital, LLC against Nazca Global, LLC & Nazca Global Ltd. Nazca Global Ltd also goes by the name Nazca Emprendimento Mexico, S.A.P.I DE C.V.

For Institutional investors considering Investing in Nazca Ventures MX-A Fund – Nazca Global Ltd, Nazca Global LLC these investors should be aware when conducting their Due Diligence on Nazca Ventures MXA fund that the General Partners of Nazca Global Ltd & Nazca Global LLC have Defaulted on the REO Capital’s Contract and Legal Proceedings are pending!

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