Featherstroke Launches Luxury Eye Makeup Brush Set

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As Winter approaches, makeup takes on a more serious note in uplifting appearances. Eyes are, without a doubt, the single most defining feature – renowned as the “windows to the soul”. Featherstroke’s new Eye Makeup Brush Set will not only assure “smiling eyes” but enable the projection of beauty, grace and charm.

Following the overwhelming success of Featherstroke’s previous makeup brush launches, Cheryl, the founder of Featherstroke, says that many customers requested a specialized eye makeup brush set. In response, Featherstroke has launched a Luxury Eye Makeup Brush Set to compliment its range.

In conceiving the set, the objectives were to identify the minimum number of brushes necessary to enable an extensive range of options in applying eye makeup. In-depth consultations with the manufacturers together with input from several makeup artists, eventually narrowed the options to the 10 essential brushes.

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