ESFS Announces More Coverage of Basement Remodeling in Pennsylvania

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ESFS has added basement remodeling to its network of Pennsylvania quote services, which allows users quick access to home renovation cost estimates from contractors and professionals in their local area.

Homeowners in over 20 Pennsylvania cities and towns now can use ESFS to find quotes from suitable contractors for a basement project. “Being a large and often under-utilised part of the house, a basement can be remodeled into almost any kind of room, including a bathroom, kitchen or entertainment area,” said ESFS CEO Matt Aird.

“The extension of water or electricity to the lower area of the house requires an experienced and reputable contractor, and it is important to check that the company chosen is licensed to do the specific work required. We’re happy to announce the expansion of coverage of Pennsylvania, and that all the companies on the ESFS network are pre-approved.”

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