Cannabis To Be Legalized? MP’s In UK Debate Liberalisation Of Drug Laws Following 221,000 Strong Petition

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London,UK – Cannabis has been one of the oldest medical substances in the world. It’s use as a medicinal wonder drug stretches back 5,000 years and has been used by millions of people over the centuries. However, while it is legal to sell or buy cannabis seeds in UK , it is illegal to grow cannabis plants for personal use or resale.

The argument for liberalisation of Cannabis in the UK was led by Labour MP Paul Flynn (MP for Newport West). Addressing the members of the cross party debate, Mr Flynn said that cannabis has been safely “tried and tested by tens of millions of people” and went on to compare the UK government’s attitude to cannabis with that of the US government towards gun use.

Implying that in the mainstream, people in the UK believe cannabis to be a harmless substance – and most people cannot believe how or why the government refuse to acknowledge the fact. “We’re getting near to a position where we look at the United States with incredulity because they don’t accept the evidence on the possession of guns.”

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