Residential and Commercial Aquaponics System Program Crowdfunding Campaign Announced

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Homestead, Florida – United States – Organ Garden Harvest is seeking your help to raise $36,000through two separate campaigns using Go Fund Me and Kickstarter to cover a portion of the cost of the system for potential buyers in order to help as many people as possible afford to grow organic produce on their own.You can visit the campaign sites at the links below.

“We believe that the more people who can afford this system the better.  We know that systems like these can not only help one family, but they can help many families by allowing the vegetables to be shared across communities.With the notion of sustainability and cost in mind, we are excited that with your help, we can make healthy eating affordable and a reality in areas that otherwise would be subject to unhealthy eating,” stated Robert Gonzalez, company founder. – See more at: