Achieve Test Prep Makes College Completion Faster, More Cost-Effective

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New York, NY – Achieve Test Prep, a leading provider of standardized test preparation courses, recently expanded its offerings to support all college students. Up until now, the organization had focused on credit-by-exam bridge programs for students pursuing nursing degrees. Today, Achieve Test Prep is paving the path to faster college completion for every student no matter which college, university, or academic major they choose. Achieve Test Prep is even poised to help students who are already enrolled at their school of choice.

“College is unnecessarily expensive,” says Mark Olynyk, CEO of Achieve Test Prep. ‘Today’s students’ nontraditional students, in particular—are paying for campus amenities and services that in no way contribute to their success. It’s our view that if you’re capable of learning course content in a matter of weeks versus months, you should be able to forego semester-length courses… and forego their price tags, too.”

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