How To Win a Green Card

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Millions of people every year want to savor the good life promised by the United States of America. Many hopefuls are applying for the Green Card  lottery and fortune is on their side this October 2015. The search for greener pastures ends here because starting on the first of October, the door of opportunity will open to entrants for this grand lottery which is also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery. Over 50,000 applicants will be declared winners and they will get the chance to feel the green card, the key to their dreams, in the palm of their hands.

The most coveted green card is the ultimate symbol of being a full-fledged resident of the land of the free. Numerous opportunities await the bearer of this often elusive card. First on the list is the chance to live in a place where nature and humanity converge to form magnificent land and water marvels. The education and career opportunities afforded by owning a green card are also vital reasons why so many people wish to step foot on US soil. Everyone wants to eat a piece of the American pie and the best way to do it this season is to win the Green Card lottery.

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