Breastfeeding in Public Treated Like a Scourge While Breastfeeding Moms Praise One Simple Cure-All Tool

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Sydney, NSW, AU – Who would’ve thought that in 2015 women would be thrown out of restaurants, stores, and even their own apartment complexes for one simple act of nature? It’s true. Unfortunately, there are some that believe that a baby’s right to eat is less important than their latte.  Taking their issue to social media, brave-hearted moms are posting photos of themselves breastfeeding in bathroom stalls after being banished to the ladies room.  Even country singer Carrie Underwood spoke out recently about her own issues with privacy and the real life detail motherhood entails.  So, aside from waging a war on the Facebook pages of contrary businesses, what can a woman do?

One option mothers are singing the praises of in the U.S. and UK is the formidable breastfeeding cover.  Made with lightweight premium cotton, modesty covers keep babies shielded from prying eyes while keeping them cool at the same time.  Assuring privacy and a stylish approach to full-coverage, moms are particularly impressed by the added eye contact they have with their baby.

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