Diet and Self Improvement Course Crowned Influential as Mental Health Aid

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Scientists have actually just recently found that in Western countries, a rise in population obesity and a rise in reported cases of depression might not be completely unconnected. In one study of over 15,000 participants for instance, lead researcher Almundena Sanchez-Villegas found that a diet of Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and a moderate alcohol intake were absolutely the answer to a more positive way of life.

As a self-development expert, Andy Shaw, author of the ‘Bug Free Mind’ series, could not agree more with these results. “Everybody knows that the ideal nutrients and vitamins are crucial to physical health, but people don’t seem to realize that diet can have such a large influence on our mental health too. In fact, I have actually observed in general that individuals have the tendency to put their mental health to the back of their minds, which is why I’ve dedicated my working life to eradicate this habit from the population totally!” – See more at: