Another Tool indicating that School Can Be Fun

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“There are many students around the world that are depressed due to the very high expectations placed on them to succeed and the amount of competition among students,” said Skala. “This e-book in simple and friendly form shows the way to a successful life.”

More than 2,000 students from 110 different countries already participate in Skala’s online courses and just published e-book is another way how to help others.

“The author has been writing this book with a sincere desire and effort to make the world better place to live.” wrote Lucie Skala, a wife of Dr. Skala, in here preface to the e-book and she continues: “I wish this book helps its readers to look beneath the surface of things, to recognize substantive and helping them to experience the inner peace and positive outlook on their future during their study period, no matter how long it is.”

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