Irish Games Developer creates new book for young coders

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Gary Plowman is the Founder of Gazzapper Games (, an Indie Game Studio based out of Dublin, Ireland.  They have several titles available on Google Play and over a million downloads. Gary got his first computer in the eighties, a ZX Spectrum, which he used to learn Sir Clive Sinclair’s BASIC. Gary says that learning early and using a simple language like Sinclair BASIC was the key to keeping him interested in coding at such a young age.

“I wasn’t the kind of kid to spend all my time coding, and computer games were a huge distraction. Playing soccer with my mates meant I didn’t have the time to devote to learning machine code. So learning BASIC was the compromise and it does provide a great basis for coding – There are many more high performing high-level languages now than there was back then and most new languages try to be simple and easier to understand. I still feel that BASIC is a great starting point for younger coders that need more time to develop.”

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