Storm-7 Consulting Launches New Modular Financial Training Courses

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Storm-7 Consulting have introduced a new range of Modular In-House Financial Training Courses that can be custom designed by clients in order to better address their specific needs. The new In-House Financial Training Courses will bring comprehensive training in the latest financial, regulatory, and compliance issues to companies around the world.

There are now five premier In-House Financial Training Courses offered by Storm-7 Consulting. These include: (1) the FATCA and the OECD CRS Compliance Training Program (10 Modules); (2) the OTC Derivatives Documentation, Negotiation and Clearing Training Program (10 Modules); (3) the Global Regulatory Compliance Training Program (10 Modules); (4) the CCP Clearing, Risk, Recovery and Resolution Training Program (10 Modules); and (5) the Bribery and Corruption Compliance Training Program (4 Modules).

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